Charity Single

Charity Single

Julia Peng- “The Sound of Dreams” Music Video

Listening to the heart of each peaceful soul, it’s “The sound of dreams”. The song inspired by the care of hearing loss is a joint creation of PSA Charitable Foundation and Ian Chen, sung by Julia Peng with her beautiful voice. It’s to encourage people’s perseverance and fulfillment of dreams whether having a physical disability or not; in the end, the achievement will be seen and heard behind your efforts. Please enjoy!

“The Sound of Dream” Lyrics by Ian Chen/KiKi Hu, Melody by Ian Chen

Life is like a chorus that begins with a rest.
Always feeling deserted in a city of fantasy
Although being with groups of people, yet there’s a feeling of loneliness
Trapped in the soundless and voiceless mist
Only to realize at the turning point of life
The heart embraced by grief is halted by hesitation
Flying against the wind and never give up
Everyone should be blessed
Because of you who make me
find the courage of persistence
Because of you who tolerate my capriciousness
I’m more determined to pursue my dreams

I’m audacious with endless practice.
It’s the time that creates the miracle in your eyes
I’m feeling grateful for the difficulties from destiny
In silence, I learn how to listen to
The sound of dreams
Go backward or give up It’s also hard to decide what to choose
Would rather get hurt than cowardly getting away
Pushing and pulling between my dreams no more uncertainty

Believing that one day I’ll rewrite my destiny