About PSA Volunteers

About PSA Volunteers

“PSA Volunteer”, the Plan of Volunteer Service

I. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the Volunteering Act.

II. Purpose

In order to pass down PSA Charitable Foundation (hereinafter as the foundation) with the vision of holding social welfare charitable business for improving the volume of service and the service quality the foundation provided when implementing each business, and with encouraging enterprise’s staff and the general public to involve themselves into the volunteering service, we’ve exclusively made the service plan (hereinafter the plan) of “PSA Volunteers” (hereinafter volunteers) for PSA Charitable Foundation. Unlisted matters of the plan are subject to the relevant laws and regulations of the Volunteering Act.

III. Period of the Duration: Effective from Jan 1, 2015

IV. Service Items and Contents

(1) “Social Discussion and Public Welfare Activities”: Assisting the direct services provided by the foundation for each task of social welfare as well as administrative and general affairs. Participating in the plan of “Reducing noise and Acquiring Quietness” to promote the concept of hearing-friendly interaction as well as providing assistance to the plan of “Reading for Kids” for administrative affairs of sponsoring newspaper reading.

(2)”Friendly Workplace and Employee Assistance”: Assisting the foundation for holding the activities and seminars of “Friendly Workplace and Employee Assistance” to promote the benefit and importance of a friendly workplace to the enterprise, employees, and employees’ family, it’s also the chance to find the people who are in need of emergency aid etc. Each social welfare sponsored individual case will be given assistance. Furthermore, it’s to give guidance to the enterprises that have the intention of designing and implementing Employee Assistance Program; promoting the enterprise’s contribution towards corporate social responsibilities.

V. Operation Hours: It’s allocated and adjustable in accordance with the actual needs.

VI. Service Locations:

(1)”Social Welfare Promotion and Public Welfare Activity”: According to each service and activity held by the foundation, the service points may include each community care service points nationwide, all levels of schools, and locations where the activities take place.

(2)”Friendly Workplace and Employee Assistance”: The corporations that have implemented Employ Assistance Program and are located in different cities, including Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County, Kaohsiung City, and etc. as well as locations where the relevant activities take place.

VII. The Objectives of Volunteer Recruitment:

Anyone who agrees with the vision of the foundation, no matter which gender, as well as the enterprise’s employees, employees’ family, retired staff, citizens of the society, and the people of the communities with patience and persistence as well as a service-minded, devoted, and enthusiastic personality.

VIII. Volunteer Training: For the purpose of enhancing the working quality of volunteering service to ensure the interests and rights of the people who need care, the following educational training is for volunteers:

(1) Basic Training:

Once the training is completed, the participants will be given a certificate of completion. The training schedule and courses are as follows:

From January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015, all basic training can be taken and completed on the website of “Taipei E Campus.

1. The Connotation of Volunteering Service (2 hours)

2. Ethics of Volunteering Service (2 hours)

3. Self-understanding and self-affirmation, I’m a happy volunteer. (Optional, either 1 of the 2, 2 hours)

4. Volunteering Service Experience Sharing (2 hours)

5. The Introduction of the Volunteering Act (2 hours)

6. The Developing Trend of Volunteering Service (2 hours)

(2) Special training: According to different volunteering types, the training will be arranged as listed in the chart.

Types of Volunteers Special Training Course
The Volunteers of “Social Welfare Promotion and Public Welfare Activity” 1. Introduction of PSA Charitable Foundation (2 hours)
2. Summary of Social Welfare (2 hours)
3. Social resources and Volunteering Service (2 hours)
4. Interpersonal Relationship, Art of Speaking, Group Activity (Optional, either 1 of the 3, 2 hours)
5. Service Description and Internship of Volunteering Service. (2 hours)
6. General Discussion (2 hours)
The Volunteers of “Friendly Workplace and Employ Assistance 1. Introduction of PSA Charitable Foundation (2 hours)
2. Introduction of EAP (1 hour)
3. Interpersonal Relationship, Art of Speaking, Group Activity (Optional, either 1 of the 3, 2 hours)
4. Introduction and Practice of the Elementary Theory of Empathy (2 hours)
5. Introduction to Counseling Theory and the Process Description (2 hours)
6. The Analysis of employees’ most frequently asked questions (2 hours)
7. General Discussion (2 hours)


(3) On-the-Job Training: After volunteers finished their basic training and special training, they can select professional training, lecturer training, and supervisor training courses. After the selected courses are completed, they can be promoted to volunteer lecturer and volunteer supervisor.

IX. Rights and Obligations:

(1) Rights:

1. Participating in volunteering-relevant educational training.

2. Participating in the training, lecture, and other activities held by the foundation.

3. Insured in accident insurance during volunteering service, transportation and meal allowance depending on the real situation of the budget.

4. Participating in the services provided by the foundation, the volunteers who have outstanding performance can apply for a “Certificate of Volunteer service for Outstanding Performance” if needed.

5. Participate in the planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating the volunteering service plan you’re going to be involved.

(2) Obligations:

1. Abide by the regulations of “the Code of Ethics for Volunteers”, service regulations or related regulations set by the foundation.

2. Attend relevant presentations or activities of the volunteering service provided by the foundation.

3. Participate in the educational training that is provided by the operation unit.

4. During duty hours, rights of the service receiver must be respected, and due to the possibilities of obtaining or acknowledging some information, you’re required to keep it confidential.

5. Resources or ID card provided by the volunteering operational unit should be handled with care.

6. You should refuse any rewards from the service receiver.

X. Management:

(1) The foundation will designate someone as the volunteer counselor as well as 1 chief and 1 deputy chief.

(2) When providing services, volunteers should follow the guidance from the foundation designated counselor and chief.

(3) During the period of volunteering service, volunteers should sign in and sign out their attendance. During operation, they should put on the volunteer ID and the volunteer vest. In case of you’re unable to attend the service, your chief or the counselor designated by the foundation should be notified in advance.

(4) If the volunteers cannot continue their service, a resignation application should be handed in and all the volunteers ID card or other relevant IDs be returned.

(5) The basic volunteer’s information is established by the foundation, and there’ll be an exclusive person taking in charge of supervising and recording the attendance, service attitude, service items, and the outstanding performance for efficiently manage volunteers’ service performances.

(6) The distribution and management of the volunteering service ID and service record book should be subject to the “Volunteering Service Act” and the “Guidance of Volunteering Service Certificates and Service record Book”

XI. Assessment, Reward, and Punishment

  • Assessment: The Volunteer Counselor and the Volunteer Chief designated by the foundation will be jointly responsible for assessing volunteers’ service performance.
  • Reward: The foundation will hold regular evaluation of the volunteers to assess the service performance of individual volunteers or volunteering teams as well as hold the public awards ceremony.
  • Punishment: In case the volunteers have either of the circumstances as mentioned below will be mentored, exhorted, or warned according to the severity. Those who have not yet seen the improvement may disqualify their volunteer qualification and need to return their volunteer’s ID, which will be canceled as well; in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Volunteering Act, the volunteer shall be legally responsible.
  • Violating the Volunteering Act or relevant laws and regulations as well as the service codes set by the foundation.
  • Illegal or improper conduction that affects the reputation image of the foundation or other people’s rights.
  • Disobeying the supervision of the foundation’s designated volunteer counselor or volunteer chief, or violent and rude attitude.
  • Other cases that cause poor service performances or not capable of the duties.XII. Within two months after the end of the plan every year, all situations shall be reported to the competent authorities and competent authorities for business objectives for reference.

XII. Within two months after the end of the plan every year, all situations shall be reported to the competent authorities and competent authorities for business objectives for reference.