Origin of the Foundation.

2000 was an important year for Walsin Technology setting up a charitable organization. When the 921 Earthquake devastated central Taiwan in 2000, PSA's staff took an active role in the disaster relief and rebuilding communities.

Core Value.

There are 4 core values for PSA Charitable Foundation, with charitable involvement among the staff of the company; together we can have a more fulfilling achievement!

Donation and Tax Credit.

Through each donation, we receive the best support and affirmation. The charitable funds will be properly used to make the service more customer-centric as well as more powerful to provide better care for the public.

Audio and Video Information.

Inspired by the care for hearing loss, we have invited Julia Peng and Chou Ssu-chi to lead the performances in the relevant videos we produced. Your participation is most welcome.

Contact Us.

Suggestions and Comments are welcome, please contact us.