Hear_Hearing Health Care Services.

Since PSA Charitable Foundation was founded, the foundation constantly cares for children with hearing impairment.. Starting from 2012, for fulfilling the mission and philosophy of the foundation, the foundation focuses on achieving the "hearing health care" with absolute commitment.

Listen_Friendly Workplaces.

In favor of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the EAP has been developed and designed on the basis of workplaces to facilitate the resolution for organizational efficiency and the personal issues that may influence employee performance.

Care_Short-Term Breaks for Caregivers.

No matter how strong your shoulders are, there must be a time of fatigue. We intend to help caregivers take some load off their chest, giving them support to keep on going. We organize different programs for caregivers to participate, giving them a short-term relief.

Read_Children's Reading

Giving aid to the classes in the elementary schools located in the less favored areas in Taiwan, "neither mountain nor downtown area" with weekly experimental teaching for education in newspaper reading, teachers will guide the students to carry out creative activities based on the content on Mandarin Daily News.

Give_Volunteering Service.

In order to enhance the service volume and quality of our foundation’s projects, encourage the employees in the PSA group and the public to participate in social services, we earnestly invite you to join PSA's Volunteering Service.

More_More Services.

Including career experience for teenagers, Giving Circle, etc., as long as it's a need of the public, we will try our best to provide the appropriate and relevant services.