Hear_Hearing Health Care Services

Hearing Health Care for seniors

According to the world health statistics by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than a third of the population aged 65 and older are suffering from disabling hearing loss, seniors hearing health care shouldn’t be delayed so there’s no time to waste.

Hearing Aid Bank

It has comprised multiple brands of hearing aid to provide people who are in need with free-of-charge fitting experience, through professional consultation services, learning how to benefit from hearing aids.

Grants and Scholarships

To care hearing-impaired students in senior high schools, colleges, and universities as well as encouraging them to study diligently and strive for self-reliance and self-confidence to break their limits, we've exclusively funded the grants and scholarships for students with hearing impairment as well as the cost of audio typists who assist in courses held in colleges and universities.

Noise Reduction Program

The program provides community care center hearing test services, noise detection services and campus hearing workshops as well as developing the hearing health care app in the hope that the acoustic environment will become nicer by the means of different perspectives.