Monday Nice

Monday Nice

Monday Nice


After spending a good weekend, many office workers feel lazy, or even a torture, when going back to work on Mondays, it’s so-called as “Monday Syndrome” or “Monday Blues”.

Why do people have Monday Blues? How to make a change?

Why do people have the Monday Blues?

After 5 busy working days, office workers usually spend their weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, on night outs. It’s easy to get overtired. If they need to manage tidying up and watch TV dramas afterward on Sundays, unintentionally, they go to bed at a delayed time around 1 or 2 am, so it’s not enough for them to take a good rest. On Mondays, office workers are usually fully occupied by working schedules, their circadian rhythms cannot adjust to the tempo of work, resulting in slower responses and making mistakes while working.

Besides the impact of circadian rhythm, the Monday Blues sometimes reflects the accumulated working pressure over a long period of time. Suffering from the long-term pressure from the workplace makes the Monday Blues becomes more serious and make them stressful continuously on the following working days. It’s said, ” Those who have the Monday Blue Syndrome may always be gloomy in the office.” If the accumulation of stressful events has not been dealt with for a long time, the impact may be extended to other aspects and cause depression that completely makes the quality of life get worse.

How to change such Blues?

Making a change from the first second at work!

Michael Steger, a Psychologist of the University of Louisville (U of L), conducted a study on 65 college students; he had them write down how much time they spend on pleasures as well as the participation of meaningful activities, such as helping people, and etc. Lastly, he made the students determine whether the day is a happy day or not. The result shows that students who helped people were thinking they live their life with better significance, which means “Philanthropy is the basis for happiness.”

Consequently, in 2007, PSA Foundation started the “Monday Nice” campaign that is held every first Monday in October. On the day, Every staffs puts on the “Monday Nice” POLO shirt together with the 4 action slogans, “Clothing, Beating, Doing, and Passing Down“, making everyone energetic and becoming a helpful person to get rid of the “Monday Blues” on the way towards “Monday Nice”!

“Clothing, high-fiving, Doing, and Passing Down”

1. Clothing “Monday Nice”
-Every Monday in October, the staff puts the Monday Nice POLO shirt.

2. High Fiving “Monday Nice”
-In the morning, give high fives to 6 colleagues saying “Monday Nice” as the way to greet each other.

3. Doing “Monday Nice”
– Small creativity leads to big influence: Do concrete action for good things on Mondays.
– As a response to the PSA’s Charity Month, we combine with each company’s Tzi-Huei Club to carry out community care.

4. Passing Down “Monday Nice”
-Merits spread far and wide: Email the facts of good deeds to the foundation, and through our official website, blog, and Facebook Fan Page, more people will be inspired to show kindness together.