Reducing Noise and Acquiring Quietness

The Plan of Reducing Noise and Acquiring Quietness

Ever since the establishment of PSA Charitable Foundation, we've been taking care of children with hearing loss. We've been constantly thinking about how to make physical involvement in environmental protection and education as well as fulfill the foundation's visions and values.

The Plan of a Comfortable Campus

In a closed campus environment, noise is a major factor that influences teaching and learning between teachers and students. We anticipate that through educating students in how to make use of the power of tranquility, promoting learning efficiency and the quality of life through peace and calmness.

Noise Catcher App

"Noise Catcher" is officially available online; it features not only lovely images but also a number of practical functions, such as audio recording, positioning, sending files, etc. You're welcome to give it a try and also give us some encouragement, comments, and suggestions!

Hearing Health Care in Community Care Center

It's hoped that through hearing screening test, explanation and self-care reminders, seniors will understand their hearing condition as well as be urged to be aware of the importance of hearing protection for avoiding more possibility of suffering age-related hearing loss.